Sunday, August 22, 2004

NBC shills for the Democrats again

Forced myself to sit through NBC’s news again tonight. I make an effort to sit through news coverage by noted Saddam ally CNN, and noted liberal mouthpieces like NBC, and political activist papers such as the LA Times and the New York Times. And it takes effort, a lot of it.

It took supreme effort to watch them shill for John Kerry today, watching them fail to bring any of the most serious questions and accusations raised by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. They mentioned the questions about Kerry’s medals, but failed to do more than that, and failed to mention his Cambodia lie, or his dishonorable actions in front of congress while still an officer in the US Navy, let alone his private meetings with the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese representatives while a US Naval officer.

Now NBC did manage to highlight the Swiftboat Vet’s funding, linked to Republican contributors and a former Bush campaigner, but utterly failed to mention Move On . org’s vastly greater number of Democrat contributors and Democrat campaigners, or the Kerry Campaign’s official presence at Move On events.

They mentioned how Bush has failed to condemn the Swift Boat Vets specifically, and failed to mention Bush’s blanket condemnation of all the negative smear campaigns (which upon analysis shows that Bush doesn’t condemn the Vets since theirs is not a smear piece). While showing John Kerry condemning smear tactics, they failed to note that Kerry only condemned them after decorated Vietnam Veterans have begun to raise questions about his unfitness to be POTUS. Of course that also means they failed to show Kerry’s praise of smear tactics aimed at Bush prior to decorated Vietnam veterans bringing up questions.

And, of course, no mention of Kerry’s attempt to stifle free speech when it targets him.


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