Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I'm a traitor

That's right, I'm a traitor, according to Mary Anne Marsh on Hannity and Colmes. Saw it last night, and today Instapundit links to it and comments on it. Okay, so I wasn't anywhere near old enough to have served in Vietnam, but I have friends who were. One of my closest friends spent his US Army stint in Germany. So according to Mary Anne Marsh he betrayed his country because he didn't serve in Vietnam.

It took me this long to cool down when I think about it. My wife said, "Oh my God," when Marsh said this and stared at me, seeing how pissed off I had suddenly gotten.

Here's the thing, Sean Hannity questioned her about that statement in what was an incredibly obvious attempt to give her a chance to take her statement back, or to clarify it, or apologize, or anything that didn't leave her statement as being a serious attack that implied that anyone who didn't serve in Vietnam betrayed their country.

Will John Kerry disavow this statement? Probably, one truly hopes so. Will he condemn her and her statement? Almost certainly not. Will he do anything about her? Again, almost certainly not. Will he do anything at all without being prompted by the media or politically powerful figures? Yet again, highly doubtful.

By the way, she's not some 527 schmuck, or weird extremist. Mary Anne Marsh is described by George E. Condon Jr of the Copley News Service in the Times Reporter as a "Boston-based Democratic strategist and longtime Kerry ally..."


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