Tuesday, August 31, 2004

DNC and the RNC viewing habits

Just in case someone comes here via some other way than a weird google search, and for the benefit of my three (lost one somewhere) occasional readers, I'd like to explain my technique for viewing the national conventions of both the Democrat party and the Republican party. First, I stick with C-Span. Secondly I leave it on until I get a) disgusted, b) bored, c) freaked out, or d) start to doze off.

I missed most of the Democrat National Convention. They consistently failed to keep my attention, and/or pissed me off, and/or bugged me. I had expected the Republican National Convention to be the same way. Frankly my expectations of either party has never been really high. I watched all of Barack Obama's speech and was impressed by it, but every other speaker turned me off. It built on that. The worse it got, the less inclined I was to change the channel back from Sci-Fi channel, or Comedy Central, and ended up missing a lot of it.

Expecting the same thing to happen with the RNC I watched it anyway (almost didn't bother on the first night). Ed Koch held me. Rudy Guilliani held me. Even John McCain held me. The 9/11 widows held me. Former Police Chief of New York held me. The RNC program pretty much kept me on C-Span for the night. Watched almost the entire thing.

The second night consisted of me ignoring the television while I chatted with my wife. Nothing exciting to begin with, then suddenly...... coolness, good re-run of Stargate SG-1. Ooooh, tennis with some hot blonde, a couple of seconds of oogling and the television was back on C-Span, then quickly on to some program on USN Seals. Back to C-Span and damned if I didn't miss the very very beginning of Arnold Schwarzenegger's speech, but the rest kept me in rapt attention. Then the Bush Girls came on, and in the words of The English Beat, "click, click...click, click, click." Back to Sci-Fi channel, Tech TV (ruined since its merger with G4 and vice versa), then the end of Barbara Bush's speech. Then the Harlem Boys Choir. They were good. At some point during my convention night channel surfing I found out that Dana Glover is an attractive woman with a great voice.

So far the Republicans have been far more successful at keeping my limited attention than the Democrats. But then the Democrats failed to keep me as a supporter too.


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