Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Democrats love Republicans

John Kerry is giving a speech to Democrats in front of noted Republican Abraham Lincoln. Pretty funny stuff. An article on Opinion Editorials is also pretty enlightening about the Democrats.


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James said...

You know what's funny about Rebulicans and Democrats? You could say they swithed places in 20th century at least more or less they did. I mean Lincion did wild things like saying that all Slaves in southern States where free, which if ever there was a moment of expanding the size and power of government, that was it. Lincion made sure the FEDERAL government was involved with rebuilding the southern states after the war. But getting back to my point. The south was solid democrats back then, with democrats like Strom Thermon (Who fired the first shots on Fort Sumpter so I was told). However in the first half of the 20th century, the parties started flip flopping. People like Hary S. Truman was a democrat, (The part that less then 100 years before was infavor of people owning slave) and he was years ahead of his time demanding racial equaility in the 1950's, and he got it, at least in governmental jobs. Now back to the 1960's, Lindon Jhonson singes a bill that makes discrimination illegal bassed on race. When he did he said "I have given the south to the Rebulican party for years to come." (Or something very close to that.) Now what state was Jhonson from, Texas! So here's the point, from that point on, democrats became the party of socail equality, and Rebulicans, not so much, Strom Thermon, became disenfranchised, disastified, or something with the democratic party which was now "Too liberal" and becomes a rebulican. So its easy to see why Kerry would salute Lincon, because 19th century Rebulicans are close to the equivlent of late 20th century and 21rst century democrats. So to come to the crux of my point, you really should have a link to what Kerry's speech was. (Pause) OHH THE SATIRE!