Sunday, July 04, 2004

Tisk tisk

Andy Rooney lied tonight saying they haven't found any WMDs in Iraq. He also asked some presidents are known by their initials, citing FDR, LBJ, and JFK. He wondered why they were initialed and Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton weren't. Notably absent from his initial list was GWB. Why am I watching such a scurrilous disgusting pundit? Because CBS 60 minutes was doing a special on eminent domain issues. Yes, it was noted journalist Mike Wallace (whose professional philosophy is that the story and ratings are more important than the lives of American servicemen and women), but I watched it anyway. It wasn't a news piece, it was a news/opinion piece. It was Bill O'Reilly or Al Franken on a mainstream media show.

The topic, however, was interesting, and I happen to agree with the opinion of this supposed "news" program. The cases cited were simply wrong. Two were defeated in court. Turns out Mesa Arizona isn't supposed to cease a brake business' land to give to an Ace Hardware, and a town in Ohio can't seize a "cute neighborhood" to give the scenic overlook land to a condominium developer. The third story doesn't end well. Turns out the New York Times' new headquarters was seized by the state and sold to them.

I think I'll go back to the Flip Wilson Marathon. Jack Benny is a crack-up, and maybe I'll get more of Geraldine Jones.


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