Thursday, July 01, 2004

The Spoons Experience: I HATE FIREFOX

Spoons writes about what he hates most about Firefox.
I have an extra reason for despising Firefox, though. After I tried it for a couple weeks, it hijacked my damn system! Even after deleting Firefox, Windows still won’t recognize IE as my default browser once I uninstalled Firefox!

I had to get rid of it because of this very reason. It wouldn't let me redefine my default browser. I love the tabbed browsing, I love opening all my daily blog reads in one browser, tabbed, all at once, then quickly going over them before work or before bed.

But Nottafinga! I need IE for stuff too, and I need it to open up in a link from Yahoo Messanger. I'll give some consideration to re-installing it and not allowing it to become the default.


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