Friday, July 09, 2004

Shocked shocked

So a guest on Tony Snow tonight (he's sitting in for O'Reilly) was aghast that the vice president would say F-you to a United States Senator. Snow pointed out that he's had senators say the same thing. Difference is that Snow didn't go whining to the press about it (yeah, he is the press but he didn't whine about it).

Snow pointed out that his experience was a private conversation, but then so was the one with Cheney. He didn't say it in a press conference or anything, he said it quietly to someone nearby. It's no less private than a conversation between most people in a pseud-public area.

So some Whiny decided to use this instance for political gains, whether that Whiny was the congressman in question or the reporter to whom the story was leaked... Heck it was probably both of them. You don't usually leak information to a hostile journalist, you leak it to someone who has the same political goals as you. That way you know the story will get out.


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