Monday, July 19, 2004

Girly Man

So part of the big stink about Arnie using the term "Girly Mahn" is that it is degrading to homosexuals. I guess sure, that is if you believe in the stereotype that all homosexuals are "girly." What gets me is that this is coming from the Democrats who, one assumes, actually know enough homosexuals to have gotten rid of that stereotype. The entire homophobia thing is, almost certainly, no more than a knee-jerk anti-Arnie attack and has nothing to do with homophobia. I don't recall anyone getting pissed when Hans and Franz used it. Nope. Just more slimy anti-conservative PC-politics from the left.

As an aside, some, if not many, homosexuals are flamboyant and, ummmm, somewhat feminine. Not all are. I know a few kick-ass homosexuals, one of whom is a very good fighter, and another who is not the least bit feminine. I'm almost offended that the Democrats are predjudiced enough to assume that all homosexuals are less than manly.


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