Saturday, July 03, 2004


I had forgotten how much I loved Geraldine. She's sassy, streetsmart and looks good in psychedelic hot pants (oddly enough so does Lucille Ball). Okay, so she's actually a guy in drag, but she's one of my all time favorite characters. Those old enough will remember the Flip Wilson show. Tonight, CNN, CSpan and FoxNews are all pre-empted in my life for a Flip Wilson marathon on TV Land.

Seeing Ed Sullivan in purple silk hippy clothes and Lucille Ball in hotpants (and she was still a very attractive redhead), was a hoot. Earlier the bit with Tim Conway (did he ever look that young?) and another with Rowan and Martin. I was a little kid, but this show was a weekly watch for my mother and me and it still brings back a wonderful sense of being and good memories.

Oh, and Geraldine. A lot of comedians in drag but none of them were ever of the caliber of Geraldine. Okay, maybe Ma Fricker, but not the television version.

Joan Rivers, Mahalia Jackson and George Gobel all in the episode starting now.

I had meant to comment on Zeyad's cousin, and the AP article, in the Eastern Oregonian, that reports on it, blithely ignorant of the blog connection, but it's brought up some pretty hefty feelings, and I'm going to forgo that for now and enjoy my life for a little bit with Flip and his musical guest stars..... The Osmonds!!!


PS: As I commented in a far earlier post, it's kinda funny that Blogger's spellchecker doesn't recognize the word "blog" by default.

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