Friday, July 30, 2004


Chrenkoff writes that an American has golfed across Mongolia. Chrenkoff claims that "while Bush and I'm sure many other neocons are avid golfers, the true reason for invading Iraq never had anything to do with turning the country into a giant American golf course. "

I dunno. It seems to me that it would explain why Mongolia sent troops to support America's liberation of Iraq. The Scots (who invented golf) have a reputation for being fierce fighters in a simple coincidnece?

America's traditional allies betrayed her (France, Germany, and the Phillipines) despite owing the US a debt of blood worth millions of lives. None of those countries are well-known for their golf. Hmmmm.

I'm thinking that America failed to buy France, Germany and the Phillipines off, the price of greens fees being what they are, and that Saddam probably offered club memberships in addition to greens fees. Considering France's siding with, and aiding America's enemies it's likely that Saddam threw in a free golf cart to sweeten the deal.

It doesn't explain Japan's loyalty to her friend in the West, but as I recall they love baseball's pastime...Mark McGuire (celtic name)...Scotland...Golf... Hmmmmm.

Well, gotta go put my tinfoil hat back on.


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