Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Anyone giving odds

On whether any editor of the New York Times will accept Bill O'Reilly's challenge to debate them on the Charlie Rose show on PBS?

How about on whether Sandy Berger gets convicted? The Democrats are spinning the theft of classified documents as an accidental shoving of documents into his pants and his socks. Wanna bet he gets off because the administration doesn't want to put up with the Left's charges that former Clinton NSA head and now former Kerry advisor is being persecuted for stealing and mishandling classified documents and not prosecuted for breaking a law. A law that I was informed, while in and out of the Air Force, carried a very hefty fine and a decade or so in jail.

Here's a sure bet, the left will get more whacked out as the campaign progresses and will make the leap from critical bordering on anti-American words to outright treason, anti-Americanism and domestic terrorism. I'm dead serious about the last. We've already seen the Left's penchant for violence, crushing of dissent, intimidation and tolerance for treasonous statements in their midst. We've already seen the ELF efforts. We've already been hearing the calls by some for violence that are tolerated at so-called "peace" protests. We've already heard the tolerance for terrorist organizations to the point of fund-raising among European leftists.

Also Kerry's wife's organization funds a leftist organization that funds an anarchist group that practices, advocates, and wants to promote violence and the overthrow of the United States.


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