Friday, July 30, 2004


Chrenkoff writes that an American has golfed across Mongolia. Chrenkoff claims that "while Bush and I'm sure many other neocons are avid golfers, the true reason for invading Iraq never had anything to do with turning the country into a giant American golf course. "

I dunno. It seems to me that it would explain why Mongolia sent troops to support America's liberation of Iraq. The Scots (who invented golf) have a reputation for being fierce fighters in a simple coincidnece?

America's traditional allies betrayed her (France, Germany, and the Phillipines) despite owing the US a debt of blood worth millions of lives. None of those countries are well-known for their golf. Hmmmm.

I'm thinking that America failed to buy France, Germany and the Phillipines off, the price of greens fees being what they are, and that Saddam probably offered club memberships in addition to greens fees. Considering France's siding with, and aiding America's enemies it's likely that Saddam threw in a free golf cart to sweeten the deal.

It doesn't explain Japan's loyalty to her friend in the West, but as I recall they love baseball's pastime...Mark McGuire (celtic name)...Scotland...Golf... Hmmmmm.

Well, gotta go put my tinfoil hat back on.


John Kerry and Oliver Stone

Roger Simon writes:
I'm sorry... perhaps it was the advance Spielberg-Protegé Hype or my own apostate politics... but the Kerry Movie came off to me as a bland infomercial. Maybe they should have hired Oliver Stone to give it some pizzazz.

From what I hear he already has, though it was back in the day, long before anyone had heard of Stone.


Tuesday, July 27, 2004

I Call BS

Clinton said something to the effect of, "He comes from a privelged background, and could have avoided Vietnam, but when the call came he said send me..."

Not exactly true. He said, don't send me I'm going after my degree. He got a deferment. Then he said don't send me I'm going for my Masters. He got a deferment. Then he said don't send me I'm going for my Doctorate. He didn't get a deferment, knew he was going to be drafted, they needed officers badly, and only then enlisted.

It's being reported as a dig on Bush, but perhaps it was a dig on himself. Clinton did, after all, dodge the draft and leave the country for school and to avoid the draft.


Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Berger needs to go to jail

Martha Stewart was tried and convicted. I don't think it was because what she was convicted of was particularly heinous, but more as a demonstration that even the high and mighty must bow down before American Justice.

That is why Sandy Berger must be charged, convicted and sentenced. Tens of thousands of Americans deal with classified information. The penalties for disseminating or mishandling classified information are pounded into their heads; hard enough that now, years later I remember it as being tens of thousands of dollars and a decade in jail. After reading some comments over at - and seeing the disparity in how some Americans are treated when compared to our political elite I say hang the man and give him the max sentence possible. For him to get away with doing far worse with far more secret documents than so many of us is not just an insult to the rule of law, but an insult to us. That this man should be so special that he was allowed to do this on more than one occassion without any of the same fear of prosecution the rest of us were inculcated with is a slap in our face. That we peons should be held accountable while the elite get away with far more serious crimes is insulting.

I hope he gets slammed for it. There needs to be a message sent to all those clearance people who feel they are above the laws that the rest of us have to follow. There needs to be a crackdown on this kind of behavior.

The man needs to join Martha Stewart in the "elitists who are too good to follow the rules" prison.



USS Clueless announces that
"In the mean time, I have a quick pointer for the government of the Philippines about American psychology: When someone tells us what good friends they are, we usually assume they are trying to take advantage of us. Real friends don't need to say such things, because real friends demonstrate their friendship with actions, not with words."

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Anyone giving odds

On whether any editor of the New York Times will accept Bill O'Reilly's challenge to debate them on the Charlie Rose show on PBS?

How about on whether Sandy Berger gets convicted? The Democrats are spinning the theft of classified documents as an accidental shoving of documents into his pants and his socks. Wanna bet he gets off because the administration doesn't want to put up with the Left's charges that former Clinton NSA head and now former Kerry advisor is being persecuted for stealing and mishandling classified documents and not prosecuted for breaking a law. A law that I was informed, while in and out of the Air Force, carried a very hefty fine and a decade or so in jail.

Here's a sure bet, the left will get more whacked out as the campaign progresses and will make the leap from critical bordering on anti-American words to outright treason, anti-Americanism and domestic terrorism. I'm dead serious about the last. We've already seen the Left's penchant for violence, crushing of dissent, intimidation and tolerance for treasonous statements in their midst. We've already seen the ELF efforts. We've already been hearing the calls by some for violence that are tolerated at so-called "peace" protests. We've already heard the tolerance for terrorist organizations to the point of fund-raising among European leftists.

Also Kerry's wife's organization funds a leftist organization that funds an anarchist group that practices, advocates, and wants to promote violence and the overthrow of the United States.


Monday, July 19, 2004

Girly Man

So part of the big stink about Arnie using the term "Girly Mahn" is that it is degrading to homosexuals. I guess sure, that is if you believe in the stereotype that all homosexuals are "girly." What gets me is that this is coming from the Democrats who, one assumes, actually know enough homosexuals to have gotten rid of that stereotype. The entire homophobia thing is, almost certainly, no more than a knee-jerk anti-Arnie attack and has nothing to do with homophobia. I don't recall anyone getting pissed when Hans and Franz used it. Nope. Just more slimy anti-conservative PC-politics from the left.

As an aside, some, if not many, homosexuals are flamboyant and, ummmm, somewhat feminine. Not all are. I know a few kick-ass homosexuals, one of whom is a very good fighter, and another who is not the least bit feminine. I'm almost offended that the Democrats are predjudiced enough to assume that all homosexuals are less than manly.


Thursday, July 15, 2004


Just woke up. Getting ready to leave for work. No blogging
till Saturday at the earliest (my next day off), and then not until
evening (working nights sleeping days). Miss ya'll.


Sunday, July 11, 2004

Fahrenheit September 10th Thinking.

From what I hear, from people who've seen it, it's a simple propaganda piece that leads the viewer to believe things without coming out and saying it. It's designed to give the less informed a certain opinion of George Bush without the thought of the consequences that such propaganda creates. As a for instance it is being promoted by Hezbollah, and is roundly applauded by anti-American groups (including other terrorist groups) around the world.

From what I've heard from people who went it never actually lies the way his former movies have, but it deceives. A couple of for instances: He gives the date the Saudi flights (which included some of Osama Bin Laden's family members), but fails to mention that the flight bans were already being lifted when they were finally cleared, and fails to mention that several members of the bin Laden family were interviewed by the FBI before being allowed to leave. As an aside to this, I'm sure you'll remember that it was some time after this before Al-Qaida took responsibility for the attack, and that many people were leery about pointing towards Muslims as being responsible.

Another is the meeting with bin Laden family members in Texas. Neither Bush, nor his staff met with them. They were there on oil business and met, primarily, with oil executives. I say primarily because they also met with politicians, among those was the leader of the Texas Democratic Party.

People should get used to fact-checking Michael Moore's "facts." Also, (my English teachers are gonna want to kill me for using "also" as a bullet pointer, when viewing the movie try to remember that Michael Moore that he considers his American audience to be all morons (his words not mine) and that he considers the US to be pretty evil. It's not an attitude that lends one to trust the opinion of such a person.

On the plus side, at least he's more entertaining than Chomsky. Heck, TV Nation has been the only show I've ever actually written a letter to try to keep on the air.

I guess I'm a fair-weather fan, turns out when an entertainer's work and opinions become so hateful that the collateral damage becomes anti-Americanism (or becomes de-facto propaganda for America's enemies) I stop being a fan.


Friday, July 09, 2004

Shocked shocked

So a guest on Tony Snow tonight (he's sitting in for O'Reilly) was aghast that the vice president would say F-you to a United States Senator. Snow pointed out that he's had senators say the same thing. Difference is that Snow didn't go whining to the press about it (yeah, he is the press but he didn't whine about it).

Snow pointed out that his experience was a private conversation, but then so was the one with Cheney. He didn't say it in a press conference or anything, he said it quietly to someone nearby. It's no less private than a conversation between most people in a pseud-public area.

So some Whiny decided to use this instance for political gains, whether that Whiny was the congressman in question or the reporter to whom the story was leaked... Heck it was probably both of them. You don't usually leak information to a hostile journalist, you leak it to someone who has the same political goals as you. That way you know the story will get out.


Thursday, July 08, 2004

Color Warning System

So I'm waiting around in badging one day, waiting for a vendor, and I noticed a little flyer on the bulletin board. It showed the homeland security color codes in terms I could understand. It cross-referenced the color-coded system with the current "Force Protection" system, and the older "Threat Condition" system. I understood the threatcon levels having lived with them for years, the colors didn't stick with me, though I understand why you wouldn't want the phrase "Threat Condition" associated with the civillian sector and "Force Protection" probably wouldn't stick with most civvies any better than the colors.

When I go back to work next week I'll see if I can score a copy of the thing.


Sunday, July 04, 2004

Tisk tisk

Andy Rooney lied tonight saying they haven't found any WMDs in Iraq. He also asked some presidents are known by their initials, citing FDR, LBJ, and JFK. He wondered why they were initialed and Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton weren't. Notably absent from his initial list was GWB. Why am I watching such a scurrilous disgusting pundit? Because CBS 60 minutes was doing a special on eminent domain issues. Yes, it was noted journalist Mike Wallace (whose professional philosophy is that the story and ratings are more important than the lives of American servicemen and women), but I watched it anyway. It wasn't a news piece, it was a news/opinion piece. It was Bill O'Reilly or Al Franken on a mainstream media show.

The topic, however, was interesting, and I happen to agree with the opinion of this supposed "news" program. The cases cited were simply wrong. Two were defeated in court. Turns out Mesa Arizona isn't supposed to cease a brake business' land to give to an Ace Hardware, and a town in Ohio can't seize a "cute neighborhood" to give the scenic overlook land to a condominium developer. The third story doesn't end well. Turns out the New York Times' new headquarters was seized by the state and sold to them.

I think I'll go back to the Flip Wilson Marathon. Jack Benny is a crack-up, and maybe I'll get more of Geraldine Jones.


Saturday, July 03, 2004

Rantingprofs: A DRAFT IS COMING!

Rantingprofs: has an entry on the rumors of a military draft coming. Rumors started by mostly democrats (politicians, pundits, and activists) in an attempt to undermine the current administration by scaring some of the populace into supporting them.

Aside from the fisking Professor Dauber paints on her blog there is one other argument that rarely gets play anywhere. Less than twenty years ago we had an all-volunteer military almost twice the size of what it is now. It's at it's current size because of the ever-present lust for money in the government. Then it was called "the peace dividend" by people never realizing that the dividend of peace is peace itself not dismantling the tool that gained that peace.

So we could easily double, if not triple, the size of our military with a volunteer force. It would cost money, as it would with the draft, and it would cost many years of re-building the training infrastructure, recruit, train and to have GIs gain the experience of today's troops. All of that would be necessary with a draft, though the last would be much more difficult with a draft, since draftees are less likely to re-enlist and more likely to take their skills and experience away from the military.

In 1986 the US Air Force had 20 year E-5s. Sure they were never going to be senior NCOs, but they had skill and experience in their jobs that isn't quite there anymore. We had 9 year E-4s who were skilled at their craft, but who weren't going to be going up very far in the military hierarchy. During the great military purge of the 1990's things changed.

By the middle of the 1990's it no longer mattered whether you were tops in your field, what mattered was how well you did on NCO exams that had little to do with your craft. Performance reports still tended to be inflated, and some of it was based more on Squadron participation in car washes than on whether the airman was competent in his craft. So we're at a point where the technical skills and abilities have suffered somewhat because once an airman gets his journeyman level (four to five years in the 80's) he's only got another five years or so of useful trade before he's promoted out of a job he does well. There aren't that many master sergeants bucking rivets unless it's to make up for a manpower deficiency.

Also, for some technical skills in the Air Force you don't really gain competency until after you've been at the same trade for six to eight years which means that unless an airman. Say an aircraft metals technologist, enlists, goes to an abbreviated tech school, necessitating far more OJT (on the job training) he/she still doesn't really have the skill and experience to be a journeyman. At the end of their four year term they don't have the experience, though the exceptionally mechanically inclined may have the skill, to finally be of journeyman level, despite what their 623 says. Three or four years down the road (which most draftees won't ever do) that airman may have the experience to be at a level that the civilian craft sector would consider journeyman level. Then after a few years later that airman stops being a line-airman technician, turning parts on a lathe, welding flameholders, and soldering intake screens, and becomes a supervisor level NCO.

Big waste of time, money, skill and experience, and a weakening of the Air Force's ability.


PS: Damn you internet, Damn you bloggers, I should have been asleep several hours ago (12 hour shifts, remember) especially since tomorrow looks like a hard day in the sun.


I had forgotten how much I loved Geraldine. She's sassy, streetsmart and looks good in psychedelic hot pants (oddly enough so does Lucille Ball). Okay, so she's actually a guy in drag, but she's one of my all time favorite characters. Those old enough will remember the Flip Wilson show. Tonight, CNN, CSpan and FoxNews are all pre-empted in my life for a Flip Wilson marathon on TV Land.

Seeing Ed Sullivan in purple silk hippy clothes and Lucille Ball in hotpants (and she was still a very attractive redhead), was a hoot. Earlier the bit with Tim Conway (did he ever look that young?) and another with Rowan and Martin. I was a little kid, but this show was a weekly watch for my mother and me and it still brings back a wonderful sense of being and good memories.

Oh, and Geraldine. A lot of comedians in drag but none of them were ever of the caliber of Geraldine. Okay, maybe Ma Fricker, but not the television version.

Joan Rivers, Mahalia Jackson and George Gobel all in the episode starting now.

I had meant to comment on Zeyad's cousin, and the AP article, in the Eastern Oregonian, that reports on it, blithely ignorant of the blog connection, but it's brought up some pretty hefty feelings, and I'm going to forgo that for now and enjoy my life for a little bit with Flip and his musical guest stars..... The Osmonds!!!


PS: As I commented in a far earlier post, it's kinda funny that Blogger's spellchecker doesn't recognize the word "blog" by default.

Friday, July 02, 2004

12-hour shifts

12 hour shifts get old after a while. I went shopping today for groceries (Oh, okay, frozen dinners) and I've already killed any time I have for blogging or reading. Gotta hit the sack. Ugh.



HughHewitt asks:
I just want to know if she made more money from Halliburton than Dick Cheney, if she bailed out of Enron before its collapse, or if she dabbles in the reverse repurchase instruments that bankrupted Orange County, California a few years back. Is she in partnership with George Soros and does she shelter income off-shore. Heavily invested in gaming, liquor, or perhaps even the deadly tobacco companies? Please e-mail me your speculation on what is the most likely embarrassment being hidden away from public view in the locked-up tax-returns of a billionaire? Send it to

Hey, as Tim Blair points out, he's just posing questions. After all, if it's good for the goose...


Thursday, July 01, 2004

The Spoons Experience: I HATE FIREFOX

Spoons writes about what he hates most about Firefox.
I have an extra reason for despising Firefox, though. After I tried it for a couple weeks, it hijacked my damn system! Even after deleting Firefox, Windows still won’t recognize IE as my default browser once I uninstalled Firefox!

I had to get rid of it because of this very reason. It wouldn't let me redefine my default browser. I love the tabbed browsing, I love opening all my daily blog reads in one browser, tabbed, all at once, then quickly going over them before work or before bed.

But Nottafinga! I need IE for stuff too, and I need it to open up in a link from Yahoo Messanger. I'll give some consideration to re-installing it and not allowing it to become the default.