Wednesday, June 23, 2004


She's on Scarborough country tonight. Second time I've seen a blogger on the television. Attractive woman. I've gotten to hear two bloggers on the radio too. Hugh Hewitt and Leo Laporte.

Back to Wonkette. She's one of the guests on a section regarding kinkmeister Jack Ryan, his wife, and the release of their divorce proceedings by a California judge, despite objetions by Jack and Jerri Ryan, or any consideration for their child. It was interesting enough that I'm spending valuable sleep time (it's a work night, 12 hour shifts) trying to find the name of the judge and some history on the judge. Mostly because California has a history and reputation for left-wing activist judges that rule based on their political ideology rather than the law or the constitution.

Not finding anything yet. All the googled news articles I've gone through so far only say "California Judge." Not good enough. I want to know who the judge is. I want to know if the judge has a reputation for fairness or ideological activism.


Update: It's a "Superior Court Judge Robert A. Schnider." Interestingly, the Judge stayed his own ruling until June 28th, yet all this information has been published from it? What's up with that?

Update: Here's an interesting google find. Dunno it's providence, but it seems to imply that this judge ruled in favor of a wife moving the kids away (despite a signed agreement) because he was pissed at the father and that the judge later admitted it was wrong, but that it "was OK."

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