Sunday, June 20, 2004

Spaceship One
I returned to Oregon from California this past Wednesday and had picked up a copy of the Bakersfield Californian and the Antelope Valley Press. There was an article on SpaceShip One. I figured I'd write about it. Oddly enough it never occured to me just how important this was. Both Belmont Club and Winds of Change.NET: Go, Spaceship One, Go! both wrote about it before me. Worse, Winds of Change wrote about it a week before I found out Rutan was about ready to go.

It's probably just me being kinda jaded. I spent almost my entire career around aerospace R&D from working on modified F6s to the F22 and F23 and on the test stand that the EELV was to be tested on. I am still jazzed about Rutan's rocket, but I somehow thought it wouldn't strike everyone else the way it struck me. Boy was I wrong. Fox News at least has been yapping about it all day today.

Tell ya what, I’m really missing being in aerospace. Miss working on the cool stuff.

On the plus side, Rocket Man Blog hasn’t commented on this before me. On the seriously negative side it was the blog that would’ve had the most interesting input on this particular subject.


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