Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Mac Frazier's Place

Once upon a time there was a blogger at Glenn Frazier dot com. Going to school, busy schedule, great lil' blog. I checked it daily. Then he disappeared. I can relate, life will pull at everyone and often we can no longer blog. For me it left an empty spot. In the middle of the day I'd hear something or other and rant away in my mind, all the while thinking, "Gee, that would make a great entry." Then either for lack of access, or simply lack of energy and motivation it would never make it to my place.

Then one day my wife convinced me to buy a low-end laptop to bring up to Oregon with me, and we suffered through the couple of weeks it took to absorb the hit on our finances. Because of that (and internet connection now) I'm back.

Turns out I'm not the only one who is back. Ol' Glenn Frazier dot com is back, now at Mac's new place over at, oddly enough, Mac Frazier's Place: "
". I hope my four faithful (down to three now) readers enjoy his site as much as I have in the past. He's just starting back out, and his site shows it's "under construction" motif, but hopefully he'll be back yakking about politics, law, architecture, and the mongols in no time at all.

Welcome back Mac,

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