Thursday, June 24, 2004

Lousy business sense, good academic sense.

CJStevens writes (the first part quoting me).

I mean, ever read some of the pamphlets, articles, and books that come from there? Some great, yet obscure stuff, but some real crap.

You mean "there" as in "college environment?" I agree entirely

So here's something we agree on entirely. One thing, unrelated to whether we agree, is that I approve of the college environment publishing system. Some of that obscure stuff would never be published otherwise. If not for that lax publishing style I would never have gotten to enjoy "Scotland in the Crusades." Some, if not a lot, of these college press publications exist only because there is a publishing system that places a different value on what they publish. I wonder how many times I'm going to use that word.

Anywho... I applaud the system that gives us such pearls even at the cost of some swill.


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