Sunday, June 20, 2004

Comments over at trying to grok got me a bit riled. Sarah opened up a can when she honestly stated that the pervading amount of evidence weighs against islam and not simply the islamists (my interpretation, not her exact words).

I wrote the following comment in response.

Keep on Trucking Sarah. You're not going to impact some people, especially when it becomes obvious that their are either lacking in logic or ignorant, or simply deceitful.

To that I say, Can't Win, I remember the short spate of Abortion Clinic bombings and you are wrong about them not being condemned.

I remember the ethnic cleansing in Bosnia very recently, do you remember that we went to war to stop the masacre of muslims at the hands of christians? Have you notice that very little attention has been paid to that trend reversing or to the genocidal practices by Arabs in the Sudan?

The Catholic sex abuse scandal has been loudly and roundly condemned by Catholics, whereas the same scandal in Islam has been almost entirely ignored.

There is no schism over abortion, there is a schism over a woman's right to choose. I can't think of a single Christian denomination that supports abortion, though some support a woman's right to choose.

" But, we only bring up faith as a factor when it's Muslims involved. It's an excuse, not rational behavior."

Here is where you're either ignorant or tyring to deceive. "We" don't bring up faith as a factor when Muslims are involved, Muslims bring it up as a factor. When was the last time you recall a statement by an Islamist that was entirely secular?

As to your "moderate" muslim voices, by their number and their deviation from the majority of Imams, Ayatollahs, Muftis, etc, I'd say that they are the real extremists in a violent religion where the average/moderate supports killing jews and non-arabs.


Someone who goes by the handle of "can't win" threw some moral equivelancy around and, I guess, assumed everyone who might read it were under the age of twenty and so wouldn't remember his comparison to abortion clinic bombings.

Myself, I'm 36, I recall many Christians and Christian leaders and ministers/pastors/priests condemning the abortion clinic bombings. Still, it's a poor analogy since major islamic leaders don't simply fail to condemn islamists they praise and encourage them, so even if Christians didn't condemn the abortion clinic bombings I don't recall a single person encouraging and cheering the bombers on. This could be because it never happened, but it could also be because Christians generally marginalize extremists in their religion. Islam, the culture and religion not individuals, glorify and make heroes of their extremists.

den Beste has written about this. The condescension that comes from some pundits who work on the basis that we weren't there and wouldn't remember. He refers to the end of the Cold War, but "Can't Win" is operating on the same theory. By the way, his reference (Can't Win, not den Beste) to the crusades also neglects that Islam had already converted by the sword and conquered a large part of christendom.

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