Friday, June 25, 2004

ABC and Peter Jennings

ABC is doing a special, or something, on Guantanamo and captured enemies. What's upsetting is that ABC's point of view is that despite what the Geneva Convention's actually say terrorists and enemy combatants are protected by the Conventions. This is simply a lie. The United States has decided to give many of these people some of the protections that the Conventions garauntee to POWs who had fought respecting the Conventions for a country that respected (or signed and respected) the conventions.

Sorry Peter Jennings, the Taliban did not sign, neither did they adhere to the Conventions. Either action would have gained the Conventions protection. Iraq, under Saddam Hussein, did not sign or adhere to the Conventions. Al-Qaeda and other terrorists do not adhere to the Conventions, just ask Nick Berg (but not his dad) and Paul Johnson.

Peter Jennings did not simply neglect to mention any of this, he and his story implied that the opposite was true. Pretty disgusting and it shows not only his bias, but either a total ignorance of the Conventions (which I seriously doubt) or that he is putting out anti-American propoganda. I know, I'm not being very generous, but I've been generous to leftists and the media for a very long time. I gave them the benefit of the doubt during the first Gulf War. I strived to give them the benefit of the doubt during both Kosovo and Somalia.

As far as I'm concerned they no longer deserve that benefit and will have to earn back what I had freely given them. My respect and trust.


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