Tuesday, May 11, 2004

May, not April. As it turns out I was over optimistic in my first estimate. But............
I'm Baaaaack. Sort of. I've finally got a PC, though my net access is limited to, Ugh, AOL right now. The worst part is the long hours I've been working, but other than that I'm finally back online and looking forward to bitchin'...errr...blogging again. I've managed to catch a glimpse here and there of my old favorites and feel pain at how much I've missed from some of them.

What few views I got, up until finally typing on this thing, was at a neighbors house where my priority was e-mail.

I've missed my five readers, though I've seen that's dropped to only one, and a bunch of people stopping by looking for the most inane things on google who have somehow come here. For those I say, No, there is nothing about average Irish penis size on this blog.


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