Monday, January 05, 2004

No Duh...

Tim Blair comments on the words of Neal Starkmanwho, like Michael Moore, thinks almost all Americans are stupid idiots. The comments are interesting, and between what Tim Blair wrote, and what numerous commenters wrote I began to reminisce about some things I learned when I was a child.

My mother, a perpetual college student who went from CPUSA member in her early twenties to Republican (with Democrat in between) in her fifties, used to have a saying she'd always say to me when some idiocy was spouted with expertise -- she said, "Some people are educated far beyond their intelligence." Oddly enough, she learned that one while working on her masters at UH Manoa.

My grandmother, to keep me in my place whenever I got uppity with the other kids, used to say, "Genius is as genius does." That was long before Forrest Gump came out. Don't know where she learned it. Probably Bakersfield, or she made it up herself. She's a smart cookie.

I've found both to be very true. All the education in the world is worthless if you don't have the intelligence to actually think, consider, and self-debate the issues that matter to you; rather than just spouting back what you learned. All the smarts in the world don't matter much if you're content to live in a box under a bridge.

RocketManBlog commented that, "I say on my blog that "Politics is not Rocket Science, but all the Rocket Scientists I know are Conservatives."" Cracked me up.


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