Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Can Animals Pay Mortgage?

Sarah, at Trying to Grok, points to David's Medienkritik's neat nifty about a German frog (the animal) tunnels.

One of Sarah's commenters said, "Tunnel for Frogs!! Here in lies the reason the Euro's are in trouble."

Now hold on, here in the US we have turtle fences. I've been on several turtle walks in the middle of the desert making sure no turtles had breached our defenses before we burned stuff. I've also noticed them on the sides of the freeways out here. As I recall we also have fish ladders and hawk houses.

Funny thing is that the biggest threat to the endangered desert tortoise comes from other animals. So much so that there was a time when the state paid people to pop a cap in the numerous ravens out here. These are very large and smart birds. Smart buggers would pick them up, drop them on the freeway and feast on what was left; though most drop them on rocks to split them open. I once stood in awe as I watched two ravens dumpster diving outside the Edwards AFB chow-hall. They flew into the dumpster and together two of them flew out carrying a large black trash bag, dropped it to the ground outside the dumpster and tore into it.


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