Monday, December 08, 2003


Monkeys flew out of my butt today. Not a pleasant experience.
I was watching O'Reilly tonight and they were discussing the New York court ruling making it illegal to display a nativity scene in public schools during Christmas. Oddly enough the mennorah is allowed to be displayed during Hannukkah and the Koran during Ramadan.

So tonight, one of O'Reilly's guests was Hussein Ibish, a man with whose politics I have vehemently disagreed. I see him as a supporter of terrorism and to this day there are terrorists and terrorist organizations that he refuses to denounce, trying to change the conversation or give a prepared rant whenever the subject comes up.

It seems Mr. Ibish agrees with O'Reilly that the court is taking separation too far in this.

It is unpleasant and now I have to run around the house corralling flying monkeys and shoosh them outside.


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