Sunday, December 14, 2003

Keeping the Faith

My wife interrupted my shower this morning to say, "The kids just ran up to me and told me they caught Saddam." The first thing after my shower I did was boot up Mozilla and load a bunch of pages. Then I rolled a cigarette, went outside and slowly enjoyed it, came back inside and am still slowly enjoying my first cup of coffee. I'm news-channel surfing to see the news.

The first pages I checked were the main Iraqi Freedom Bloggers, Alaa, Zeyad, and Omar. I left a comment on one because I had a sudden thought on hope and those who support the coalition over the coalition's enemies and adversaries.

"There are a lot of people who have some credit in this, certainly the Pesh Merga and the Fourth." I wrote that. Despite the efforts, both covert and overt, to destroy American resolve in the war on terror many Americans have shown they have the perseverance to succeed. Here at home the people who refuse to allow outright lies and spins to hurt the United States are who have kept America's policy, in the war on terror, strong and right. All the way from George W. Bush and his people down to Sarah over at Trying to Grok, and all those in between, many of whose blogs I read daily.

There are other fronts where people exist who have kept the faith. In Europe they are represented by people like Bjørn Stærk and Merde in France and others. In Iraq we see the Iraqi Freedom Bloggers. Certainly to one extent or another Sarah, myself and our comrades are kinda "RAH RAH" cheerleaders, but those fighting the good fight overseas aren't. They support our goals in Iraq because they are Real humanitarians and/or because they believe we are doing the right thing. This is hugely important because it helps to counter the message sent out by Human Rights Watch, their leftist allies (from simply anti-Bush all the way to the fullblown anti-American front), and the anti-Coalition Iraqi bloggers such as Salaam and Riverbend.

Bush, Sarah, Zeyad and Bjørn have kept the faith, and it has helped to contribute to the war effort without having fired a shot.
Heartfelt thanks and attaboys to you all.


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