Tuesday, December 16, 2003

"I Seek Asylum..."

Spoons points and comments to an op-ed by Orson Scott Card about what has been happening in the Democratic Party. One of his commentators, Yosemite Sam, comments:

Unfortunately, Democrats like Orson Scott Card and Zell Miller are no longer welcome in that party and are shunted aside and ignored.

They're not the only ones. Roger L. Simon has blogged about finding out that some of his old friends aren't really friends. Alan Colmes has mentioned that he got heat just for being on Fox News.

It's pretty disgusting. When I was a GI I was pretty liberal (voted for Clinton the first time, then learned a hard lesson) had gay friends, went to the Gay Pridefest, and yet I was never ostracized by my more conservative Airmen. I was never denegrated because my beliefs were more liberal than theirs.

I defected, first to being an Independent, and just recently went straight to the arms of the Republican party. The Democrats in Sacramento had been sneaking in anti-union efforts for some time. I understand why. The pro-union worker rules and laws in place cost extra (lots extra), and they prevent illegal immigrants from being hired for government construction, and they know that their values are counter to those of most union laborers so they know they'll get more votes from the pro-illegal alien faction then they really get from the skilled labor-union factions.

The Democrats may have no place in their ranks for moderates, but the Republicans don't seem to have a problem having a DWS American and South Park Republican around. Perhaps I should have pulled a Zell Miller and tried to bring the party back to being a moderate party that cares about the working man. Turns out I don't have the backbone to struggle against the far-left that the Democratic Party now represents.

Perhaps I'll go back one day, but only if they do what the Republicans did and marginalize their extremists; the socialists, environmental fanatics, anti-Americans, anti-US-Constitution (specifically the second Amendment), terrorist supporters, anti-Christians and hate-mongers that have become typical of the Democratic Party, though not typical of Democrats. My views are still pretty close to where they were when I voted for a "centrist" presidential candidate never realizing that my party had left the center and shifted so far left it had become the very thing it detested at one time. I remained enlisted long enough to regret that voting decision and learned a valuable deciscion.

There's no way I'll go back until they've marginalized their fanatics and decided to represent me and my working-class centrist (and not so working-class) buddies. Not that they care. I doubt they ever want any centrist to come back, since in their warped, illusory, hallucination they are the centrists and Roger, Zell, and myself are Right-Wingers; or as I was called in my comments recently, Hitler (a mass murdering socialist).


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