Wednesday, December 10, 2003

I Feel Their Pain...NOT

France, Germany, Russia and Canada are upset that they won't be allowed to bid for some of the major contracts in the re-building of Iraq. I've heard that Canada's commitment to rebuilding Iraq is 120 million dollars, approximately 1/10th of 1 percent of what the US congress voted to contribute recently. That's not including the billions already spent and committed by the US. It's also not counting the money that Britain has spent and committed. More importantly it's nothing compared to the inestimable value of the coalition blood that was spilled removing Saddam Hussein and in the ongoing work of re-building and bringing democracy and peace to Iraq.

As to Canada's support in Afghanistan, so far as I know they're fully allowed to bid on construction contracts there, as are France, Germany and Russia.

Another thing, the contracts in question are being paid for by American money. They're complaining because we don't want our money going to support companies and government (taxed monies) that supported our enemy, made both the war and the peace more difficult, and in the case of France actively worked against American interests regarding Iraq.

France claimed that removing Saddam Hussein was unjust. The American Left claimed the same and said the war was all about oil, which means money and business. The peaceniks claimed that Haliburton was a war profiteer. Now here are France and their American allies (the pro-French peaceniks) complaining because French companies can't profit from American taxpayer monies, American blood, and American cowboy ethics. The worse part is that they don't see it that way, and neither do their supporters.

France, Germany, Russia, the American Left and much of the media see this policy as a punitive one; wrong. France, Germany and Russia are not being punished, they are simply not being rewarded. I do like that the policy rewards our stalwart allies for supporting America against Saddam Hussein.

I, see no reason to reward The Axis of Weasels for supporting our enemy.


PS. Canada, some advice. Bite the bullet on this one and realize that by doing so you demonstrate to America that you are willing to re-build the rift created by your decision to support France over your neighbors and cousins to your south on this issue.

PPS. Ducks over Sharks, Huzzah.

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