Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Spoons has a post on a killing of a dog. A pretty sick killing. I have no problem with Spoons' anger towards that guy. I agree that he needs to go. I need to point out that the crime of killing that dog pales in front of the trauma and terror that he put those children through. It's the kind of tactic that pedophiles and Rawandan death squads use to terrorize children into doing their bidding. Killing and victimizing people and animals that children love to get them to do their bidding.

I'd like to see this guy put away too. I'd like to see him put away for a long time, not for killing the puppy but for what he has done to those children AND because the kinds of people who can do this are a threat. This guy has no problem hacking up a puppy; so where does he go from there? The guy has no problem with hacking up a puppy in front of the children, so where does he go from there? He has already shown himself to be a sick human, and someone capable of that is probably capable of doing far worse.

I love dogs (though I don't consider yippers and rat-dogs as dogs), but I don't consider them on par with humans. I do strongly believe, old tradition, that humans have a responsibility towards dogs that no other animal deserves. They have been a part of our familys and tribes for tens of thousands of years (if not longer). So many of them have the qualities we, as humans, consider noble -- loyalty, courage, and unconditional love.

That said, they taste fine. Oh, and for future reference, if you ever get invited to a party put on by asian plantation workers, be sure to find out what something is before you eat it.


Update: I thought I had posted this Tuesday evening, but it looks like I forgot to hit publish. I seem to have three regular readers, and you know who you are, and to the first two I'd like to be sure to recommend Spoons' blog to them. To the third, I'd like to remind him that other people live in this house and that he needs to spend less time in the bathroom.

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