Friday, November 21, 2003

Search Engine

Hmmmm. Interesting. So someone came here after doing a search for "Edwards AFB sucks" and another looking for "Bill O'Reilly hate sites." I wonder if they're looking for sites that hate Bill O'Reilly, or for sites that document hate coming from Bill O'Reilly. Looking at the google results I'm thinking the former.

The Google algorithm needs work. It's a great engine, I use it often, but my blog shouldn't anywhere near the top of these searches. I know, and understand, why it works out this way; it's the links. Still, I find it interesting.


Update: Oh, man, this takes the cake. A search for "sexy germen men gay porn" popped someone here. Geez, gotta love the net.

Update: There's more. "Humanizing Aliens" "Gay Porn" and "Asian Penis Size."


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