Friday, November 28, 2003

Pissy Hawaiian Alert

Pissed at Tim Robbins today. Oh, okay, I've been pissed at him before and disgusted by him since I found out what his opinions are; though he's a great actor, and I've enjoyed his work, as a person I revile him.

This'll be re-written later, but I wanted to get it out of my system right now.

William La Jeunesse, of Fox News who had been an embedded reporter in Baghdad, went to the play Embedded by Tim Robbins. He took with him a USMC officer. They pointed out a few problems with the play, though I'm sure there were far more that they didn't have time to report on. They weren't little inaccuracies or anachronisms either. In one scene, as I recall, a military officer calls one of the reporters a bitch and says if she doesn't write the story the way he wants he'll write it himself and put her name on it.

Within a few minutes of the play one of the audience members called the officer a Nazi. The cast and audience claims that Robbin's play is an accurate portrayal of what happened.

I'm disgusted.

Oh, though Robbins yet again refuses to be interviewed or defend his views in public, a couple of the cast member had the guts to step up, on camera, and defend their opinions. Stand up people will always get my respect, if only for that.


Update: We're running behind schedule so I had time to transcribe, in hurried and horrid fashion, the piece itself. It's very rough and Fox may release the transcript later. I wish I had recorded the earlier newspiece, being live, there was some difference. It seemed as if William La Jeunesse polished it up a bit and seemed less agry more incredulous.

Well, Patti-Ann, indeed Tim Robbins is a very talented actor, but he’s also unapologetic, anti-war individual. Now of course, that’s his view, he’s entitled to it. Now he’s written a play that reflects it. The play is called embedded, it opened about a week ago, in Los Angeles, to rave reviews. Yet it is a satire, and the audience, however, treats much of it as fact. Now we asked to speak to Robbins about this play, he said “not until we saw it” so we did. Now I was curious because I was an embedded reporter in Bag, along, I brought along with us a marine who was also, uh, served alongside some embedded reporters in Iraq. Now among the cast and crew the writer and director we were the only ones who had actually been to Iraq, who talked to ordinary Iraqis about their life before and after Saddam. And yet the cast and audience that we spoke to swore that Robbins’ version of the war this bush bashing satire, was what really happens. Now it portrays journalists as pentagon puppets, us soldiers as thieves, killers of women and children. The bush cabinet as warmongers hoping to start a war simply to escape the publicity surrounding Enron.

[filmed interview clips]
USMC Major: It was spun to make it look like that leadership started this war simply for its own political agenda.

Unidentified Female: It’s not propaganda, it’s a voice of dissent, which is different from propaganda. I think Fox News is propaganda.

William La Jeunesse: No one looked at my copy, no one touched my tapes, no one edited scenes, no one told me what to say, period. And to leave the impression that we are all puppets and we’re idiots and we are being run by a handler, so to speak, was highly inaccurate, it was grossly inaccurate, it was wrong.

Actor: I think tone of that particular scene was satirical.

Now that actor played Col. Hardchannell he was the military liaison with the press in the play. It was kind of funny because he, in the play, he says to reporters, he calls them a derogatory term for a female dog and says “if you don’t write it the way I want I’ll write it myself and put your name on it.” That’s a joke. That didn’t happen to me, it didn’t happen to the other embeds that we spoke to. The cool part of this was the play was actually entertaining. Although, when I took the major who I’d never met before to this half the time I wanted to apologize to him. Because I’m shaking my head, because of course it’s making part of the military look so bad and so inaccurate.

But, uh, he was good natured about it. One of the individuals, one of the audience members actually called him a Nazi, and the major said, “Thank you very much I enjoyed protecting your freedom over there.”

So it was an interesting night, the play ended at 9:30, we didn’t get out until 11:30, so we had a very interesting discussion with the cast and crew afterwards. Back to you.

Update: Fox News has published an article to go along with the story.

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