Friday, November 21, 2003

On a Rant and a Roll

I'd like to say something else (DAMN you Motivating Simon!!!). I've read Riverbend and Salam and they are whiny whinys, BUT...

While they are complaining because the US handed them a dinged up beater so many other Iraqis do realize that they have been handed a sweet Motor City muscle car. They're out there getting their hands dirty (and getting killed) with bondo and dent-pullers, dreaming of the day when everyone else at the cafe drools over their "tricked out, cherry fine" machine. These are the people who won't rest until that the twelfth coat of paint has been laid, they are the ones looking forward to those last two layers of clearcoat. They are the ones dream of that first pin-stripe, perhaps flames and Holley carbs. It is those people who understand what they have been given, it is those people who appreciate it, and it is those people who will take this imperfect thing they have today and make it the ongoing project that we have here in America.

To those people I wish to say good luck. I'm pulling for you.

Malama pono 'oukou.


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