Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Incidentally, to build on the chickenhawk rant, there are words whose new definitions bug me. I like the word neo-conservative. When I first heard it I thought it referred to this new generation of South Park Republicans. A type of moderate conservative/moderate liberal. People who believe in a strong United States, a strong American military, and who detest our enemies (both foreign and domestic) yet who support a woman's right to choose, know the names Ron Jeremy and Jenna Jameson, and vote yes on gay adoption. As it turns out either it was misused when I first heard it, or it has been turned to mean someone who is pretty tradionally conservative. Paul Wolfowitz (sp?) and Dick Rumsfield are called neo-conservatives (usually with a sneer) and those of us who are pretty traditional in our love of country, patriotism and support for real human rights are left with "South Park Republican" being the closest thing to a descriptive term. As of two days ago I'm thinking that the term was hijacked by leftists who turned it into a derogatory term because otherwise it would have become a touchstone label thereby leaving their enemies without a positive sounding name; this because I heard a supporter of refer to Arnie as a neo-conservative.

Maybe we could call ourselves "DWS Americans."
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