Sunday, November 16, 2003

I get Googled. Every so often I read an entry on Instapudit or some other blog commenting about the weird search engine referrel they've gotten. It's nifty for a second or two, but then I usually go on to read something with a bit more meat. At least until now. I'm not going to be able to skim those entries without thinking about what I've found on GoStats. I use GoStats for my counter because...wait for it...
It's free.

One of the neat niftys they have is a list of the last twenty hits and how they got to my blog. Some of them say "Bookmarked or Typed" which is very flattering since it means someone somewhere cared about my ranting enough to put this blog in their favorites or to remember the addy and type it in. That's saying something.

What I found interesting today was the search engine results. It turns out I'm near the top in a Google search for "LtC Allen West." Someone else got here looking for "WOLFOWITZ cartoon", I'd recommend using the image search on google next time. Oh, and the Wolfowitz search came from Google's Belgian page. Some of them made sense, searches for Kamehameha and Illicano, though I have to guess that they must've been listed somewhere around 10,000 on Google.

On the plus side at least people aren't coming here looking for "hairless sexy chihuahuas on acid", though I guess that'll turn up on Google now.


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