Thursday, November 13, 2003

A comment by Rick over at Sgt. Stryker's today starts out "WE live in a world where CEOs get "bonuses" and "Incentive plans" to do their ordinary job, without any great effort on their part."

He seems to make a good point, but I feel he's off the mark just a bit. More accurately they get bonuses and such for doing their job, or failing to do their job. Driving a company into the ground will still garner some CEOs a sizable wad of cash. As it is many Executives can do a poor job and still get away with a nice bit of Or.

His comments continue, but more importantly Stryker pulls the story of Pfc. Miller into the limelight. At a time when we've forgotten that we have more than one or two types of heroes, the type that Pfc Miller can claim (but undoubtedly won't) is one that we once celebrated, but we ignore today. I don't think Joe Six-Pack ignores him. Joe still likes Cooper as York, Murphy as Murphy, and thinks the story of Rodger Young is stirring. I know this because Joe made Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers a hit.

There are all kinds of heroes and different levels of heroism. Jessica Lynch was a hero long before Iraq simply because she volunteered. She reached a different level simply by surviving what the enemy threw at her. Pfc Miller is a hero for those same reasons and for other grander feats of heroism. It is not appropriate to try to diminish Lynch's heroism, but it is equally inapporpriate to ignore Miller's heroism simply because he committed acts of greater heroism; a heroic display that is looked down upon by some.
Looked down upon by so many of those who choose what we see in the news.


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