Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Blackfive has an update post on the West affair.

It got me to thinking. In high school JROTC was a mandatory class. There we learned that a leader's priorities are (supposed to be) 1)Mission, 2)Men, 3)Self -- in that order.

So while I was outside having a cigarette tonight, I thought about the case again, though it pops into my head often. I started to think about the consequences of doing what LtC West did. Then I thought, can you imagnine not doing what he did and having to write that letter to the parents?

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Joe America,

Your son or daughter died a hero protecting my pension and appeasing Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch Groups around the globe.

Thank you for your sacrifice,

I think that question should be asked of the television and newspaper pundits. What kind of letter would you write and how could you look in the mirror knowing you'd allowed your own people to die?


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