Tuesday, October 07, 2003


Voted today. Looks like I'm being trendy in my vote. Yes on recall, and fill in the oval for Arnold.

By the way, who the hell is getting computerized voting booths? I live in a poor destitute desert town and got high school flashbacks when I voted. No chads, no LCD screen, I got a sheet of paper with a bunch of ovals on it and instructions on how to fill the ovals in properly.

It must be because I live in a poor town that is predominately white. Poor whites, working-class whites, and some GIs who get to live off base. It's not all white. I'm certainly not white and my oldest son has the same problem with people walking up to him and rattling on spanish like he's not an American or something, and there are enough black folk that it's certainly NOT like Paxton Illinois.

After all the bruha about poor people and minorities not being able to deal with chads.......