Friday, October 24, 2003


As it turns out Evangelical Outpost weighs in on NASCAR Dads too. One of the things that really caught my eye was what he had to say about Bush's tax cut. Look, I'm not a rich person by any American standard (friggin' millionaire by Zaire standards) but I can say I got to help the economy out with $800 that went straight back into the economy. Do I care that someone like Bill Gates gets one heck of a lot more back? Not really; I got my cookie and he makes more so he gets a bigger piece back. Big deal, I got something back and I have friends who didn't see a dime out of the tax cut.

Granted, they didn't make enough this last year to actually pay any taxes to begin with, but none of them are bitter because I got some back. Heck I paid bank taxes while working at JI because of the way taxes are figured.

Like I said before, however, it's not a simple question of the Republicans simply appealling to blue-collared Americans, it's also the Democrats beginning to disgust them.