Saturday, August 30, 2003

Star Wars:KOTOR
I've been meaning to post the next part of my Hollywood experience but was blocked by Lucasfilm. Not some type of censoring, but rather an insidious attempt to put my life on hold. Star Wars:Knights of the Old Republic for Xbox.

DO NOT buy this game. Your life will be on hold for at least thirty hours of gameplay. The damn storyline sucks you in and keeps you wanting to see what happens next. Being the hero in the story has always been an attraction for me, it led to my early forays into Dungeons and Dragons and then into the SCA, though the SCA made me work for it.

I've finished the game and handed it to my oldest son, and again meant to start writing Hollywood: Part 2, but have been commenting on various blogs about this that and the other thing, and got sucked into lenghty answers to troll's cut and paste idiocy.

I will be writing the next part. It is about my buddy's Hollywood friends and our dinner at The Stinking Rose, and the nifty lights and people I got to watch and the horrible state of beer accesibility back in those days.


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