Friday, August 01, 2003

French Jokes

Thomas posting in the comments over at Pave France writes: That's the point, we were not saying anything negative. Ten years ago I was reading Baudelaire, LA Rochefoucauld, and Foucault around my university and never heard anyone say anything negative about France...

I have to admit that isn’t entirely accurate for me. Granted I had never been as incensed or angered by the French as I am now, but I did tell French jokes. Sometimes simply because I thought they were funny, and occasionally when my buddy Frenchy got a lil’ big for his britches.

Truth is that it would be difficult not to tease and tell jokes inspired by France’s performance in the late ‘30s. Sure if they could erase that impression, but it would require significant action and courage on a scale greater than their appeasement, surrender and collaboration with Germany. That’s quite a tall order even with fifty years to work on it.

I don’t see why it would be impossible. The individual French soldier is still known as a skilled professional even by many of us ignorant cowboys. But then their soldiers have never been a problem, it’s their government, leaders and national will that led to France’s reputation as “cheese eating surrender monkeys.” I’m even willing to give the French the benefit of the doubt and assume that recent French treachery is due entirely to their government, leaders, and lack of national will and ethics.

All in all it’s been quite a confrontational last couple of days at Pave France. I’m a new visitor there, so I don’t know if this is normal for them and I know that I haven’t helped things remain calm. But then I’m not known for my sweet disposition and even temperament.


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