Wednesday, August 06, 2003


I own one of his books.  It's an outstanding book on bodybuilding geared to those interested in the sport of bodybuilding and, most importantly for me, to those who are just interested in getting a little more fit.  It covers everything from warm-up, to workout, to proper eating and it could be used to chock an F-4 at full throttle.  It's a monster of a book.

Today, since he's announced his candidacy, I've got to listen to pundits, who know absolutely nothing about him or choose not to mention what they know, question his skills and abilities.  What I know of him is that he has his masters in business and made his first million in real estate investments before his movie career.  

He has no political experience.  In my opinion this will work for him where Joe Sweathog is concerned since the experienced politicians have made such a hash of things here. The majority of Joe Sweathogs, however, don't often turn out to vote.  With Schwarzenegger in the run they may turn out, but I don't think anyone can really predict that accurately.

I do know one thing, despite the opinion of Susan Estrich, most of the Californians I know want Davis out.  Democrat and Republican alike want him out.  I keep hearing the Democratic Party complain that Davis was elected and it's against the people's will that he be recalled.  First off, he was elected partially because he lied to us and told us how well the state was doing.  A few weeks after the election, however, he let us know just how bad things are.  The thing about the recall is that it allows us to fire an employee who has lied, cheated and ran our company (California) into the ground.  If it were anything else but politics no one would have a problem with an employer firing an employee who lied on his resume and ran their company into near bankruptcy.  Now get this straight, the row coming from the Democrats would be coming from the Republicans if the tables had been reveresed, but that doesn't make it any less whiny bitch like.



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