Monday, July 21, 2003

Will the democracies consent to their own survival?

    The title is a quote by Sir William Stephenson from the book A Man Called Intrepid.  I read the book in secondary school, but had long since forgotten anything about it beyond my recollection of it being a good book.  My wife, today, bought a copy of this old book for me and I began re-reading it outside while smoking a cigarette.  That quote struck a bit of a chord in me and I decided to blog the next two paragraphs as well.

    ...Will the democracies consent to their own survival?

    We failed to face that critical question prior to 1939.  Not one of the democracies honestly confronted the obvious threats to its survival.  They would not unite, rearm, or consider sacrifices for individual or collective security.  There were those who argues that the sacrifices were not necessary.  Today, parallel arguments are heard, similar responses given.

    We are rightly repelled by secrecy; it is a potential threat to democratic principle and free government.  Yet we would delude ourselves if we should forget that secrecy was for a time virtually our only defense.  It served not only to achieve victory, but also to save lives in that perilous pursuit.

    I can't help but see and feel  a parallel to today in Sir William Stephenson's words.  Facing the menace of radical Islam the world's democracies did not give their consent to survival.  Those few who called for the survival of the western world were branded as bigots, paranoiacs, hate-mongers and alarmists.  Even today much of the western world refuses to survive, they are not being raped for they have given their consent to the destruction of their very way of life.  So much so that they have refused to aid or have actively hampered those nations who refuse to submit to the attacks of their people, their culture and their countries. 

    It is unfortunate that it has required the deaths of literally thousands upon thousands of westerners (no matter the actual geographic location of their countries) for many of us to finally decide that maybe we want our country, its citizens and our way of life to survive.  It is truly tragic that some of us (our own countrymen, and those who have benefited for years by our laws and way of life) don't care or simply want us to be destroyed.


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