Thursday, July 24, 2003

The Propagandist...

    Well, I've become an American Propagandist yesterday.  I printed up various letters and e-mail from Gulf troops that were linked from such notables as Andrew Sullivan, Instapundit, and Daily Pundit, and had my father in law read them.  He's stuck in a news quagmire, forced to rely on such sterling examples of journalistic integrity as CNN, and the Big Three.  Not that Fox News is perfect, but at least they haven't begun running around hiding horror stories and spreading propaganda for hostile and enemy nations.  This all stemmed from an article in the LA Times about open mike night in Sacramento for the Members of the Democratic Study Group that seems to have failed to make it into the news feed my father in law gets (I do recall it being mentioned on Fox News though).

    Continuing my new found calling, today I bothered to send e-mail to the few personal e-mail addys I have in my address books a link to Merde in France.  I'm not sure what my next action will be but it will probably due to my own reaction of outrage to something along similar lines. 


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