Wednesday, July 23, 2003

The Problem with Liberals...

    There are people who claim that they are not anti-American, they simply disagree with the Administration and disagree with conservatives.  My problem with them is that no matter how much they protest this characterization of them, as long as they continue to allow Leftist creep to enter into their house and refuse to see it, they tacitly  approve of blatant anti-Americanism.  Failure to condemn signs at rallies that read "kill your officers" and such is tacit approval of such views; or at the very the appearance to most of such approval.  As with Arabs and Muslims failure to condemn people and organizations for extremist views and actions gives support to those people.  Certainly moderates continue to say they don't support extremists, but so long as environmentalists fail to condemn ELF, so long as Muslims fail to condemn Hamas, and so long as Democrats fail to condemn ANSWER, they will continue to tacitly support the causes those espouse.

    It is with heartened smile, therefore, that I read Roger L. Simon's piece today where he condemns one of the "fuzzy partisan thinking" bloggers who make liberals, such as Mr. Simon, look bad. This is not the first time Mr. Simon has defended the liberal viewpoint from Leftist creep, and I doubt it will be the last.  Huzzah Mr. Simon


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