Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Ollie Ollie Ox in Free...

Donald Sensing points out an article in The Scotsman that talks about East Berlin airport sitting on thousands of bombs and on aircraft and such hidden in bunkers.  "Not only did the commissars intern munitions beneath the runways, but also entire Nazi fighter planes, all fuelled and fully bombed-up, according to the Stasi." 

Jim Miller (via Donald Sensing) says it shows how easy it is to hide weapons.  This is something I've commented on before.  You take a VX ton container, hose it down with Clorox, tack a hood on it, paint it gray and stencil the word propane on the side and it looks just like every propane tank sitting next to a house out in the boonies.  You could hide several thousands of gallons here where I live.  Sit it upright, wash it down with Clorox, paint it white, glue some fake hoses to it and stick it in the water heater space in most houses and no one is going to find it (unless a bomb hits the house).  Now what about the anthrax?  Real easy.

What gets me is that all the people complaining about us not finding them don't seem to understand what it is we're looking for.  Hell, you could dump it into a sand pit, hose the pit with caustic and cover it over and I doubt you'd ever detect it.  Here's something anecdotal.  At an American chem demil facility they decontaminated a room.  No detectable agent vapor.  They opened up a sealed electrical box and the HD (mustard gas) monitors go ape.  Our most advanced detectors won't always show the presence of agent unless it's floating around and actually sucked into the machines.

As an aside, tomorrow I'm going to try to find my stats on how much agent the US has destroyed.  We only have a few more years to finish ALL of it, and we're off to a late start because of all the environmental lawsuits and protests.


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