Sunday, July 27, 2003

More Propaganda

I don't remember when it happened, but at some point, many, many years ago, the media (as a group) lost my trust. They threw it away because it really didn't matter to them. Perhaps it was no more than not noticing a single blip falling off their trust-meter (and why should they notice), but today it's not just my one blip. It has become millions of blips. According to one poll it may be hundreds of blips. As a group they've played with the facts rather loosely, been misleading and have published outright falsehoods that could've been checked out with a phone call (or a web search today). They continue to say they are not biased, but if that is true why do they continue to only push news that furthers the agenda of a certain point of view? Why ignore the good news coming out of Iraq? Why ignore the EPA's deceptions and the Kyoto treaty-pusher's deception?

They concentrate on how poorly the war on terrorism is going without showing the counter-point. Of course there is no way for them to show the counterpoint to their doom and gloom without exposing their dire predictions and deceptions on the war. There are execptions. Blogs have been pointing to the good news for some time now, they've published e-mail from soldiers in Iraq, and some of the soldiers actually in Iraq have been blogging.

One of these is Chief Wiggles -- Straight from Iraq. He's become one of my regulary daily stops since I first saw a link to his page from another (I don't even remember which one that was). His news is not always rosy, and it does put you in the position of seeing just how bad major media has ignored positive news about America.


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