Monday, July 14, 2003

"Moderate? Muslims?"

    Ever start posting a comment on someone else's blog and find it getting longer than intended?  Long enough to serve as your own blog entry?  I have several times now.  So, while reading some comments over at Roger L. Simon's web-log.  His topic was an article on immigration, but the phrase "moderate Muslims" suddenly got my hackles up.  I've been watching CAIR spokespeople, AMC spokespeople, Saudi Arabia's spokesmen and all manner of "moderate Muslims" on television.  One of the best things I've always liked about Fox News is when the hound/pound into an interviewee to actually answer a question.  Two reasons for this, the first being I want to hear an answer to the question not a soapbox soliloquy, and the second being that the interviewee's opinions begin to come through quite clearly at that point.  Sometimes, after such harrasment, the interviewee will actually make the condemnation, but the fact that it takes so much for him to finally do it speaks volumes about what that person believes.

    Back to topic, so I posted a comment on Roger Simon's page and figured I'd put it up on the page.  No sense limiting a rant.

    'Moderate' Muslims. Gotta say I think all this desire for moderate Muslims is off target. As more and more hate from supposedly moderate Muslims comes to light I think it's the extremists we must look to. No, not the bin Ladens and Arafats of the world. Those are people who are never vocally condemned by 'moderate' Muslims. It makes me feel that the only Muslims who actually condemn terrorists are the real Muslim extremists and that terrorism and cheering the deaths of Americans and Israelis is a 'moderate' trait. After all, if moderate is a middle of the road position then Muslim moderates are obviously in favor of terrorism and have not simply failed to condemn terrorism and Islamic terrorists, they often speak in active support of it. I do recall hearing active condemnations of violence, or rather specific violent acts. But those same press reports and interviews from 'moderates' rarely condemn the terrorists themselves. Anyone remember when the self-proclaimed moderate CAIR loudly condemned Yassir Arafat? Remember how long it took them and the American Muslim Council to condemn Osama bin Laden? They did condemn the attack on the World Trade Centers, but it took them quite some time to condemn al Qaeda. They say the condemn various attacks on civilian non-combatants in Israel, but they don't condemn Yassir Arafat, Hamas, or Hezbollah.

    From what I've seen of Islam overt and tacit support of terrorism is the 'moderate' position, whereas Muslims who genuinely want peace and condemn terrorism, terrorists and terrorist groups are the extremists.


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