Sunday, July 07, 2002

Well, Looks Like I'm Leaving Soon
          Well, it's official, I leave for Johnston Atoll in one week. I'll be working as a “Senior Maintenance Millwright.” It's isolated, I'll be living in GI barracks, eating at the chow hall, staying clean-shaven, and shopping at the PX. It'll sorta be like my old GI days, but I'll be making a decent salary, and I can tell my bosses to “shove it” and quit (if I don't like it) without being sent to Leavenworth.

          Way cool. I don't know how much access I'll have to the net at that point. I'm told even the telephone service (none in my room) is sometimes kinda iffy also. But hey, it's only six-months. In the meantime I still have a couple of other rants I'll try to get off my chest before I pack the computer up for good.


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