Sunday, July 21, 2002

Wahoo, I'm still alive
Well gang, I've been here for nearly a week now, and have finally made the time to check out the computers in the library (where generic unlabelled machines proudly display their 8X CD-ROM drives). There are five machines here, and only one seems to have a valid internet connection. Ouch.

But let me tell you a bit about the place. It's a tiny little tropical paradise. It's an Air Force base (sorta) so there are MWR facilities, booze, a chapel, booze, a chow hall, and more booze, and a nine-hole golf course. Oh, before I forget, copious amounts of booze. The BX is the size of the PX on most bases, about the same size as a small Circle K or 7-11. I'm living in barracks that made my old ones at Edwards AFB look absolutely modern. Still, it's a great place, birds, fishes, sharks, plutonium, dioxin and such.

Currently I'm in classes, learning all about the project and about GB and VX gas, and mustard gas. Safety is a big word out here, and from what I've seen the company is actually serious about it.

I've continued to write, though it's all on paper, and my time on the PCs here is pretty limited. Eventually, however, I'll pick up a laptop and just burn what I've written so I can publish it here. Publishing will remain incredibly sporadic due to accessibility and work schedule. Work promises to be a real bear, twelve hour shifts and the heat, but I'll be on night shift. It'll be cooler, but I'd rather work days so I can take advantage of the scuba, wind-surfing, and sailing classes. I'll probably join the canoe club, so when I do get back to the land of broadband I'll be all buff and tanned.

Until then, y'all keep the faith. I will be back.


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