Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Two States
Last month, on the 16th, I was flying to Denver reading a newspaper. The 'two states' thing came out again in an article I was reading. So I whipped out my notebook, a Mead Composition book, and jotted down the following thoughts. I tried to post them to Kalroy Was Here, but Blogger freaked out on me and after typing the entire thing out I lost it when I tried to post and publish. Shortly thereafter President Bush made his policy statement regarding the Palestinian Arabs and the situation between them and Israel. My rant then didn't have the same impetus and I never bothered to try to repost it.

Since then I went ahead and typed it out locally and now figure I might as well go ahead and publish it, so here it is.

Two states, two states, two states. You hear it from both sides. Other than the simple point that there is already one very real state, and another that exists in all but declaration, how could there possibly be a problem with such sentiment? The fact is that the Palestinian Arabs could have a state of their own anytime they wished. The governmental beauracracies, civil services, and military services are all already in place. In fact the only things missing are balls. The balls to stand up and dance the "self-determination" part of the concept of self-determination. As it is they sit around screaming, "woe is me, 'please suh may I have a nation.'" Heck, the Afghans were in far worse shape, with one hell of a lot more going against them, and they didn't need 'permission' to form a nation.

The US didn't beg for permission before waging its war of independence against the most powerful nation on earth. Israel didn't seem to care what the world thought when it did the same. Heck, there's many examples of people taking the fate of their country into their own hands; some good, some not-so-good, and some plainly heinous (Madame Guillotine anyone?). The Palestinian Arabs don't have the same hurdles, there is no one they have to fight off to get a state, and if the terrorism stopped I doubt Israel would do anything more than complain.

Here's where the real sticking point comes in. The Palestinian Arab's leadership do not want a state. Alright, settle down, I'm serious. Consider a few of the drawbacks to being a country that a terrorist people and culture would suddenly have to deal with. They would now be forced to police themselves. The world would expect them to behave in accordance with their new stature. Certainly they could get away with it somewhat, but they'd be in the same boat as Iraq and Syria.

Also, when Fatah's military branch murders ten or twenty Israeli children in Israel it no longer bears the official title of "rogue terrorism"; it becomes an act of war and would free Israel's hand further in their own defense. Also doubtful is whether they would trade more Israeli lives in exchange for mythical good press in Europe and among the more liberal news agencies in the US. With this in mind I think I see why the PA has never bothered to formally declare its own independance; though it could've done so at anytime.

Granted, the same terrorist comforting people and organizations would continue griping no matter how few terrorists are killed or how many civilian non-combatants those same terrorists kill. The European Union, SFSU, Berkeley and the Chomskites would continue to support a terrorist people and enemies of the US and the Free World.

But that's another story.


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