Thursday, July 11, 2002

I think this is it

Well, at least for a while. I'm packing the computer up tonight, and my luggage limit is two pieces and a carry-on, so no PC for me. I don't know what the internet access is like, but I'm told that e-mail is available, as is phone access (though not reliable). So I finish packing tonight, go spend the next couple of days with my family, and then head off to Hawai'i on Monday. Tuesday with my grandparents and Wednesday I'm off to the Atoll. After my briefing and orientation I should know more about net access. I'm hoping they at least have library computers with net access. I mean, I still have to tell the world why nature sucks, and how badly it sucks (Castaway is a good hint there). I have to rail against the dying of the light (and the air conditioning, etc), in California. I had still wanted to speak out against the oppression inherent in the ... ummm, what was I talking about again? Aw hell, I blame society, society is to blame.

Tell you what, I'll leave y'all with some background info on me. Perhaps I'll be remebered in half a year, when I get back, for that only.

My name is Kaleiokalani Barela (this was never meant to be an anonymous blog anyway). Growing up my nickname was "Kalei". After joining the Air Force and getting out of Basic Training I found that even the lone dipthong in my nickname was a bit too much for most people, so my nickname suffered another cutback and became "Kal". We'll leave off on how many middle names I have for now. Maybe next time.

Sometime after the Air Force I got a job at the Air Force's Rocket Lab (also at Edwards AFB). There I promptly made a name for myself (literally) by scrawling 'Kilroys' all over rocket test stands, hydrogen tanks, liquid oxygen run-lines, and vacuum lines. One of the 'old guys' (every place seems to have one of them) started calling me Kalroy, I graffittied my old 'Kilroys' by writing "Kalroy was Here" on them, and low and behold, Kalroy was born.

Now I'm off to be a millwright on Johnston Atoll for six months. After that I have no idea. Maybe a sales representative for Mary Kay, on Kwajalein.


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