Thursday, June 06, 2002

Pejman Pundit calls this"Unbelievable."

Ms. Bryant is quoted as saying "How could I have known?" she continues with "I couldn't have known, prior to Sept. 11. I don't think anyone else would have either, if they'd been in my shoes that day,"

Reading the article I realized that she could not possibly have known that this person was a member of a group at war with the US and responsible for the deaths of many Americans. I think the proper question, however, is how could you have possibly not been suspicious? The entire episode would have sent my hackles rising. Her account of Atta was suspicious beyond the point where her excuses make sense. It's far more likely that she simply, didn't care enough to make a phone call (whether it helped or not, she should have tried). Perhaps, she thought that airing such suspicions about an overtly sexist Arab would constitute bigotry? Hey, that's the battle-cry of Arab organizations across the globe today.

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