Friday, June 28, 2002

PC Gone Amok, yet again

The Bell Ringer of Notre Dame is the title of a new adaption of The Hunchback of Notre Dame and yet another idiotic attempt at catering to the politically correct crowd.
We have not changed the novel in any way, we simply felt changing the title would cause less offence of people,

Ummmm, actually they did change the novel, they changed the very title. I mean I could understand and accept their premise if they had simply changed the name back to the original French (Notre Dame de Paris) but they didn't. Perhaps I'm taking this incorrectly, but that tells me that these people shouldn't have even bothered to adapt a book they knew so little about. The article mentions the original name, but c'mon, even I knew the name and I'm a sci-fi fan who could care less about most "classics." Heck, The Return of the Native bored me to tears.
New titles for old books/movies:
Moby Vaginally Impaired

The Return of the Aboriginal Inhabitant

Taming of the Agressive Non-Stereotypical Assertive Female

The Gallic Impreialistic Aggression


I, Inorganic-American


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